I humbly offer the following apology for treating the most beaten track of writing anything upon Rāmāyana. I know perfectly well that not an inch of space was left for explanation of any fresh thoughts. But out of devotional curiosity and enthusiasm I did not pause to consider either to the futility- or the superfluity of the venture. I am exactly in the position of the legendary squirrel, as regards the other colossal commentators. It brought so much and as stuck to its wet body each time, to cement the great bridge (महा सेतु), while the great monkey warriors were carrying huge mountains as so many pebbles. If at all my ideas acquire any validity, it must be due to the grace of Rāma and Rāma alone, as the said Squirrel was fortunate enough to be blessed with His Grace.
L Ananta Rama Rao.

By Dr. P. Sri Ramachandrudu, Vēdānta Sirōmani, Vēdanta Visārada, Retd. Professor in Sanskrit, Osmānia University.

Sri L. Ananta Rama Rao Valmeeki Ramayana at a glance by P. KRANTI KUMAR, Rajendranagar, Guntur.