Sri L.A.Rama Rao was born in 1911 at Kathevaram near Tenali in Guntur district. He graudated from AC College, Guntur and obtained his Law Degree from Banaras Hindu University and practised at Tenali and Guntur Bars and later on moved to Hyderabad to practice at High Court. He comes from pious family, well read and developed a flair of reading our epics Bharata, Bhagawata and Ramayanas.

He had also taken keen interest in Homeopathy and prepared a Compendium of Homeopathic medicines for cure of different diseases.

He wrote this commentary on Valmeeki's Ramayana giving vivid descriptions of the various incidents in style. In the present effort by him one finds a novel approach in his comparison of the Ramayana epic with Homer's Illiad and Odessy in a very elaborate manner which is unique. The commentary by him ended at 51 Sargas in Uttara Kanda and no attempt was made to complete the same and as desired by him is being published as his last wish by his three daughters.

The publishers wish to place on record their grateful thanks to Sri K.S.Rama Rao, Sri T.Pennidhana Rao and Sri U.Mangapati Sarma, sons-in-law of Sri L.Ananta Rama Rao, Sri Bapu for readily consenting to the cover page design and Sri U.S.Phani Kumar responsible for computerizing the manuscript.