After the coronation was over, great sages like Agastya from the four quarters of the world came to Ayodhya to see Rāma and compliment him on his great exploit in killing Rāvana and his armies. Rāma worshipped them duly and enquired about their welfare after they were seated in sacred seats. They spoke that it was their good luck to see him on the throne after killing mighty Rāvana, Kumbhakarna, Atikāya, Indrajit and other mighty Rākshasās and more especially Indrajit, who was far more mighty than his father Rāvana. Rāma was surprised why the rishis placed Indrajit ahead of Rāvana and Kumbhakarna when he (Rāma) thought the latter to be the most formidable Rākshasa warriors. Then the sage Agastya told Rāma that Indrajit was far more formidable than his father and uncle Kumbhakarna and narrated the history of Rāvana and other Rākshasās, from their birth thus.